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Insulated Concrete Form Foundations


Save significant $$$ on your energy bills
Resistant to bugs
Your investment protected
Solid Concrete
Unmatched structural strength
Nothing blows through concrete
Outside winds do not effect inside comfort
Air-tight building envelope
Healthier living without dusts and pollen
Mould-free concrete and foam
Asthmatics, allergy sufferers, children and seniors can rest easy
Outside noises stay outside
Superior insulation
Warm, consistent inside temperatures
Your family and home are protected
Resistant to storms and high winds
Safe and secure home
Cast-in-place reinforced concrete
Ultimate in design flexibility
ICF construction
Environmentally responsible answer

Ruotsala Concrete Construction uses the Sealmark® finishing system to protect the outside of your ICF foundation. Sealmark® has a distinctive advantage in it's ability to flex and bend. This attribute provides the end user with a product that can withstand extreme conditions unparalleled in the industry. Sealmark® is environmentally safe in both suspension and in a cured state. It is also non-toxic, having no harmful vapors to irritate the skin or respiratory system. Sealmark® is available in a wide range of colors. Using Sealmark® creates a excellent exterior finish on an ICF foundation.


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